LUSTRO Professional Care – the making of the ideal product for your shoes is a long process requiring a lot of efforts and patience. LUSTRO Profesional Care – believe that every step is extremely important and that is why we approach every detail with precision – from the chemical formula to the sealing of your package and delivering it to you.

Learn about where it all started

It happened back in 1992, somewhere on the streets in the ancient town of Plovdiv… It was a cold autumn day and the two friends had an interview for their dream job. The streets were wet and muddy and the boys had to be at their best appearance. On the bus stop in front of them there was an old shoeblack who would polish their shoes. Time was ticking away and they were still there. And then an idea was born. An idea that would change the traditions of a whole generation.

People needed a innovative product saving time and efforts… And that was how, my dear friend, was born the conception of “Lustro”. A name – LUSTRO, that became a symbol of all shoe care products. An embodiment of the stylish person, willing to make a change. You must be wondering what happened with the interview? To be honest – I don’t really know. That’s why I will leave it up to you to guess how it all ended. And the rest… Well, the rest is history!

The history takes over a big part of existence, but it is our future actions that define the ending of this story… We would be more than glad to take care of you in the best possible way. Share your ideas, reviews and make comments on our products.

Shoe care product LUSTRO

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