Black Tea Blend Pomegranate Cranberry flavoured

Since when does the mysterious pomegranate exist? In the books of the bible as well as in Greek mythology, the myths of ancient Egypt and the legends of medieval times, this fruit was used as a term and symbol for sovereignty, beauty, power, freedom and community. Even today, the pomegranate fascinates with many new facets and results, casting a spell on many new fans and even on modern science. We have combined the unique flavour with the fruity taste of the popular cranberry. Colourful cranberry slices and peony petals complete this perfect harmony.

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Black tea (93 %), flavouring, freeze-dried cranberry slices, freeze-dried raspberry pieces, pomegranate arils, peony petals

This product has no mandatory labeling of nutritional values. 3-5 minutes brewing time
100° C water temperature
4-5 heaped tsp./1 litre

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